30 Nov 2021

WooCommerce Product Tabs WordPress Plugin

Woocommerce Product Tabs helps you to add your custom Tabs in product page in WooCommerce. You can add any number of Tabs. You can also define default tab to be placed in every products. Shortcodes can be used in the tab content which allows you to place any content which you can display using shortcode.

Download page : Download
Installation : Installation


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4 thoughts on “WooCommerce Product Tabs WordPress Plugin

  1. I tested several tab plugins, including one for $99 per year. Your plugin is the best to use. It is simple and practical. It works with the avada theme to generate FAQ tabs. There are only a few typographical problems, but it does not affect the use.
    Looking at the record, you are still updating this plugin, but not answering any support questions. Will you maintain this plugin for a long time?

  2. It’s not your plugin’s problem, it’s the same with other plugins, maybe it’s the theme.

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